What is an intimate wedding? 

Intimate weddings have been a popular option for many soon to be married couples. Especially in recent times. an intimate wedding is where you keep the guest list smaller and enjoy your day with the people who are really important to you. Usually, classified as having less than 30 guests, an intimate wedding is not the same as an eloped wedding as there is no secrecy involved, it is just a smaller traditional wedding.  

Why are intimate weddings now more needed than ever?  

Since March 2020, small intimate wedding venues have grown in popularity, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With measures in place, small wedding venues for 20 guests have peaked a lot of soon to be married couples’ interests. The sentiment behind micro wedding venues and small weddings revealed other benefits to keeping your special day intimate. The costs of holding a small wedding are cheaper, meaning you can spend more on the celebration, or that special once in a lifetime honeymoon holiday!  

Who would need a micro wedding? 

Initial thoughts towards a micro wedding are the safety measures needed for a COVID-19 safe celebration, and the significant cost reduction. These are very valid concerns, but there is one aspect that may be overlooked; creative freedom. We all hope that when we get married that it is for good, so it stands to reason that you small wedding should be as uniquely you as possible. With less guests at a micro wedding, you have more time to plan your ideal small wedding. Weddings can take a good amount of your time up while planning, exploring different intimate wedding packages will simply allow for more time on the personal touches.  

What are the limitations of small weddings with under 30 people?  

As much as there are positives to a more intimate wedding within small wedding venues, there are limitations on what you can actually achieve when going for a micro wedding. The most obvious concern is not having every single loved one you want at the wedding. You need to be strict and there will be a risk of hurting some feelings. There could even be a sense of regret after the event for a loved one who wasn’t invited to attend.  

Why choose to have an intimate wedding in Edinburgh, Scotland? 

The United Kingdom is full of beautiful countryside; Scotland is home to some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world. Scotland is full of deep and rich history and Castle Rock is believed to have had human inhabitants as early as the second century. The city is set with beautiful architecture and is one of the most beautiful settings for a small wedding venue.  

What do we offer when it comes to small weddings? 

As your small wedding day is exactly that, yours, then you should be able to enjoy the day with privacy. Bonham Hotel offers intimate weddings in both meanings. Not only a small wedding venue, but a space away from the world for you to celebrate your special day with the people you love. 

Why should you choose the Bonham Hotel to be your Scottish wedding destination? 

We don’t just host your wedding, we become a part of your wedding planning. We put ourselves at the heart of your small intimate wedding. We recommend you get in touch today to find out how we can make your dream a reality. Spaces are going very quickly, as the world opens back up!